Cuttlefish Power Tools

Make Games Faster

The Cuttlefish Power Tools are a set of small but stupidly useful editor scripts that allow you to work in Unity faster, easier, and more joyously.

They're inspired by the old Windows SDK PowerTools, except with more HOT CUTTLEFISH ACTION.

  • Easily generate MonoBehaviour scripts with pre-filled methods for Update(), Start(), Awake(), etc! Just check the methods you want and hit Go!

  • Quickly create prototype placeholder assets in various shapes and colors! Want a 32x32 solid blue texture? Don't jump over to Photoshop and lose your flow... a few clicks from within Unity, and you're done!

  • Remove that pesky "inconsistent line breaks" warning with one click!
All this excitement and more awaits you when you decide to harness the power of the Cuttlefish. Are you ready? Can you EVEN STAND IT?

Loads more information and screenshots on The Unity Asset Store.