Don't Dial

Never drunk text again

IMPORTANT: If you delete this app while your contacts are blocked, you will lose the ability to restore them!

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"A meager sum to pay to save yourself from some potential head-burying shame." - Fort Worth Weekly

"It is so easy to choose the contacts you want to block; it only requires a few simple taps and you’re all done!" -

Your friends won’t let you drive, but will they let you dial?

Now you can avoid the drunk dial temptation by blocking certain contacts before you go out. DON’T DIAL lets you lock out those dangerous numbers for up to 24 hours. Don’t worry: As soon as you’re sober, they’ll re-appear in your contacts list.

You can also opt to make a friend into your Designated Dialer, and let them set a password for the evening.

Hangovers are hard. Don’t Dial is easy:

  • Pick all of your usual suspects from your contact list.
  • Choose a block: use the timer, or have a friend enter a password.
  • Don't Dial is now your personal bad decision blocker - go out, knowing you’re safe from embarrassing drunk dial incidents!
  • The next morning, run the app again to unlock everyone.
  • Apple doesn't let apps modify your chat or text histories. So, for now, before you go out, delete or archive the texts you may be tempted to reply to, and you'll be completely safe.